Kathleen A.

Aug 19, 2013 by

I  got on the pill when I was 16 as a regular user.  I also tried it at 13 for a short time to help with break outs. I had always thought that I was lucky, despite many mistakes (missing pills), I had never gotten pregnant. I thought the pill was amazing until the time came when I was put on Yaz.  Then, I started having a lot of problems.  Around that time it was discovered that I had small ovarian cysts.  Because I was a newly wed, and I did want children, I decided to start going to acupuncture for the insulin resistance that was apparently causing the cysts.  About a year after treatment I got a wonderful surprise! I was pregnant.  It wasn''t until after I had my daughter and my body "reset" itself that I realized,...

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Anita A.

Aug 1, 2013 by

I  was on the pill for 10 years. My doctor prescribed it for normal teenage pimples. My mom and I didn't know better then. I have been off it for 4 years now but I am still feeling its consiquences. It has destroyed my hormones, leaving me irregular with heavy mensus, acne, water retention and PMS through the roof. I am currently working closely with a homeopath to detox myself of the carcinogens of the pill and to re-balance my hormones. If i could tell my 16 year old self one thing  I'd say "do not take that toxin hormones!" I would shout it from the mountain...

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Miley D.

Jul 23, 2013 by

A fter trying several types of harmone-based contraceptives over the course of 5 or so years, I've gone off all! I hate them! They made me moody but the worst part was I hated that they really impacted my sex life! First, my libido decreased so much, and that's probably not a bad thing because my enjoyment of sex itself decreased. It made my body so much less responsive and sex is way less intense – less fun! Okay, so I know that many women have serious health issues that influence their decision to go off the pill, but for me, it was all about the quality of the sex. I want to WANT my man and then I want to enjoy him! Going off the pill – best decision ever. ...

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Joyce D.

Jul 9, 2013 by

I married my husband with depression. I married my husband at 31 with no sex drive. I went off the pill at 35 and my marriage was a whole new world of love, sex and stabilized moods. It's a wonder he married me at all! My story starts at 17 when I was put on the pill for irregular periods, which basically meant it wasn't a perfect 28 day cycle. Since then I was on the pill, the norplant and finally the nuvaring until I was 35. I was one of the first women in the country to get a norplant from the University of Missouri and I promptly gained 50 pounds and an ovarian cancer scare. Then I went on to progesterone based pills, then finally the nuvaring. I had constipation, weight gain, lack...

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Kimberly F.

May 30, 2013 by

I  've always been an emotional person, but usually in a good way, you know, crying during movies, or when I saw a cute old couple. As I got a little older (18, 19, 20, 21), I noticed I was exhibiting almost bi-polar behavior, especially around the time of my period. This was very odd for me because I never even had slight PMS when I was younger. I would go completely berserk for almost no reason. One time I was working out, and in the middle of a rep I just burst out crying. I couldn't handle any negative triggers if I was drunk or high- I'd go into complete meltdown. I became pretty irrational and would go in and out of depression constantly. This went on over the course of about 4 years.  I...

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