Kathleen A.

Aug 19, 2013 by

Kathleen A.

 got on the pill when I was 16 as a regular user.  I also tried it at 13 for a short time to help with break outs. I had always thought that I was lucky, despite many mistakes (missing pills), I had never gotten pregnant. I thought the pill was amazing until the time came when I was put on Yaz.  Then, I started having a lot of problems.  Around that time it was discovered that I had small ovarian cysts.  Because I was a newly wed, and I did want children, I decided to start going to acupuncture for the insulin resistance that was apparently causing the cysts.  About a year after treatment I got a wonderful surprise! I was pregnant.  It wasn''t until after I had my daughter and my body "reset" itself that I realized, I really don't know if I ever had ovulated before. The ovarian cysts from before were explained to me as being eggs that were not mature enough to detach, so they would stay on the ovary. I believe that it was the introduction of the pill into my system at such a young age that probably disrupted by body's normal balance since I was put on the pill briefly within two years of starting my cycle.  I am off the pill and using the copper IUD.  It has its drawbacks, but its worth it to know that I am still ovulating every month.  I will never go back to any hormonal birth control ever again.

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