Sammy L.

Aug 29, 2013 by

Sammy L.

e all get pms. But imagine having constant pms for 4 years. I'm naturally a sensitive and emotional person, but I know I would have grown out of it sooner if it wasn't for the pill. My mom is very emotional but my dad is extremely level headed, and I've recently become much more like him. I can't blame it all on the pill, as I did go through a bad relationship during those years, and I do have my mom's tendencies, but all I know is after I got off birth control, I basically became a different person. 

It's scary to think back and not recognize yourself and admit that hormones had such power over you. I would cry at least once a week, I had an insane anger problem, really short temper, and I just wrote it off as my defective personality. I went off the pill and I stopped being an emotional wreck almost overnight. I notice I never raise my voice anymore, I can tolerate things that used to throw me into a screaming frenzy, I can think before I speak and act, and I am no longer a slave to my emotions.  EVERYONE says I'm different. Everyone says I'm more calm, laid back and at peace. Friends and family have said this without me prompting them to do so. 

I now only experience that crazy side of me once a month, right before my period, like million of other regular, normal women. It's like the birth control pill gave me permanent pms symptoms for 4 years. Think twice about starting fake hormones because you might just lose a large part of who you are, and not even know it. 

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