Susan H.

Nov 2, 2013 by

Susan H.

 was put on the pill for years due to irregular, painful periods. I was never given many birth control options, it was like the pill was the only thing available. I heard of an IUD and natural birth control methods but didn't know anyone who tried them and was naturally distrustful. I guess we get a little brainwashed when it comes to our options. After all, if you follow the money you will see why. I wasn't even really briefed on the birth control TYPES available to me. I tried one and it was fine but very expensive so I went on a more mainstream brand which made me nauseous. After I got sick of that, I went off, I started charting using the Billings Ovulation Method, and I was amazed at what I learned about my body. It was empowering. I also found other ways to help the cramps and heavy bleeding, like mefenamic acid. Now I rely on natural alternatives like red raspberry leaf tea, and nettle tea. I wish I'd known about all these things before going on the pill.

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