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Who Started This Resource? 

A 24 year old girl from Toronto who wanted to help women struggling with the effects of the birth control pill.



Because I was on hormonal contraceptives for 8 years. I started taking them flippantly and my doctor did not inform me of any risks except blood clots. I was so scared of getting pregnant at an early age, knew nothing about my own cycle, and felt this was my only option. Then one of my close friends ditched her pill for the FAM method, exposing me to an entirely new contraceptive world. I began researching "going off the pill" and could not find a unified hub for accurate information on this subject. I was scared but followed my friend's lead and went off the pill. A month into my transition I noticed an incredible improvement both physically and emotionally. I had been experiencing several ailments (one of which was crippling weekly migraines) for years, and was shocked to find out that they were being caused by my birth control pill. I hope to save girls like myself the trouble. 


My Message

What rings more true for empowerment? Knowing your body and controlling fertility naturally without artificial hormones, or a possibly dangerous quick fix? Reconsider the pill. 



I am not affiliated with any organizations or companies. The products and literature I recommend are to save our readers time, and the selection is based on personal use and positive global reviews. I do not have a political agenda and are completely secular. Any suggestions we make are based on up to date thorough research. I are not liable for any damage that may arise from using the Going Off The Pill resource and advise all readers to use their own discretion, or seek medical help if their concerns are serious. 


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